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The Speech and Language therapy service specialises in helping people who have difficulty communicating and swallowing.

Our patients include people who have had a tracheostomy, cancer patients, stroke patients and people undergoing neurological rehabilitation. We also provide palliative care in hospitals and hospices as well as out in the community.

Our team of qualified and experienced speech and language therapists work directly with patients to diagnose, treat and help manage their disorders. We also work alongside their carers and families, ward staff, hospital volunteers, and community-based Speech and Language Therapy partners and healthcare professionals to provide seamless care. As part of this, our therapists also provide ongoing training for healthcare professionals and hospital volunteers to help with communication and safe feeding.

We have a number of highly experienced therapists working in our service who specialise in:

  • Dysphagia (swallowing problems, including management of patients with a tracheostomy)
  • Head and neck cancer
  • Specialist palliative care for other cancers
  • Progressive neurological disorders and neuro-rehabilitation
  • Acute Stroke Rehabilitation

We see both inpatients and outpatients patients at several locations across the county, including Royal Cornwall Hospital (in the Princess Alexandra Wing on the 2nd Floor), Marie Therese House neuro-rehabilitation unit in Hayle, West Cornwall Hospital in Penzance, and Cornwall Hospice Care.

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Our services take place in various locations. You will find any directions and instructions in your appointment letter; please read it carefully before attending.

Professional careers in speech and language therapy

There are multiple ways to find out about careers in this area:

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