MyEndo Pre-Procedure Assessment

We’re excited to announce that our Trust’s Gastroenterology service is using a new digital pre-procedure assessment application by Ultramed called MyEndo. MyEndo allows patients to fill in an assessment at home before their procedure.  The Trust expects the following benefits by implementing this:

  • An improved experience for patients by allowing them to complete their pre-procedure assessment remotely and avoiding face-to-face and telephone appointments for up to 50% of patients.
  • The ability to allow the patient to provide clinical health information remotely which enables clinical review and patient optimisation before attending for the procedure.
  • Be able to provide more information about the procedure they are going to have before they attend it.
  • Saving time for clinical and administrative teams by minimising the need for appointments and avoiding data collection.
  • Reducing the chance of needing to cancel an endoscopy on the day and other delays.
  • Reducing paper use and travel (and the associated carbon emissions); supporting the Trust’s commitment to achieving Net Zero (carbon neutral) by 2030.

Who are Ultramed?

Ultramed is a pioneering health technology company based in Cornwall, England, prioritising innovation and first-class patient experience. Find out more about Ultramed on their website.

How does the process work?

MyEndo is an online pre-procedure assessment that allows patients to fill in an assessment at home before their procedure. Ultramed provides this service to patients on behalf of their hospital team.

When a patient is listed for an endoscopy procedure hospital staff add the patient’s details to the MyEndo system which then contacts the patient via SMS and/or e-mail.

MyEndo will ask patients questions about themselves, their health, and their procedure. Once completed, the healthcare information is sent directly to the patient’s hospital team.

The answers patients give to these questions are reviewed by RCHT clinicians to help the hospital to plan their care.

By completing MyEndo online, patients may not need to come to the hospital for a pre-procedure assessment. This reduces waiting times for patients and makes it easier for the hospital to plan their care.

How will I be contacted by Ultramed?

You will receive an email from or an SMS from a mobile contact named ‘Ultramed’.

Where is my data stored?

Ultramed stores all data on servers located in the UK and the European Union. The data centres are ISO 27001 certified.

How is my data protected?

Ultramed takes great care to make sure healthcare information is kept secure. Data is always encrypted when sent to them, as well as when it is stored. For more information about how Ultramed looks after patient’s data, see Ultramed’s Privacy Policy.

What data is collected and processed?

The system collects and processes patient demographic data and health information submitted by the patient.

What will the data be used for?

The data will only ever be used by the Royal Cornwall Hospitals to manage the pre-assessment process as part of your treatment. It will not be used for any other purposes, such as research or population health management, unless we contact you and specifically ask for permission to do so.

Page last reviewed: 22 May 2023

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