Ted Team Engagement and Development

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Real teams are more effective, innovative, have an increased sense of wellbeing and a lower level of stress. TED will help you move in the right direction.

Are you a real team or a pseudo team

Our responses to the Pulse Check Survey show that the top three drivers of engagement are:

  • In my team we support one another (top driver for Motivation and Involvement)
  • My organisation is proactively supporting my health and wellbeing in the current environment (top for Advocacy)
  • I feel well informed about important changes taking place in my organisation

TED will show you your team’s effectiveness and the areas you need to work on, it will also provide you with evidence-based tools to address your findings.

How it works:

  1. Diagnose the areas of team performance that your team
  2. Use the bank of resources and tools to work with your team
  3. Repeat the TED at 6 and 12 months
  4. More effective team working and cohesion

Who is it for?

  • Any team, clinical, corporate or support services
  • You may be a new team
  • A well-established team
  • Have new team members

We’re hosting team leader sessions to support team leaders to use the tool. Contact Christiern.francis1@nhs.net for more info.

What is TED?

  • TED means ‘team engagement and development’ and is a tool developed specifically for our organisation. It is grounded in the research of what makes high performing, effective and engaged teams. The key features are:
  • The tool gives people a chance to share their views about working in the team.
  • It supports team leaders and teams to identify areas of effectiveness and where improvements can be made to improve team working and engagement.
  • On the TED website team leaders will find further resources, tools, and guidance so they can develop their team. The resources are available at any point in time and designed to help you have meaningful conversations with your team about what matters to them.
  • TED is an evidence-based tool which measures the key areas of high performing and highly engaged teams. It measures 8 different areas which are Team Purpose, Working Together, Working with Other Teams, Team Communication, Review and Celebrate Success, Valuing Individuals, Leadership and Engagement, and it only takes 5 minutes to complete the questionnaire.
  • TED measures the key areas which research has proven leads to improvements on a range of outcomes including lower mortality rates, reduced error rates, increased innovation, reduced turnover and sickness, and more.
  • Team leaders can choose when they run their TED questionnaire and can run a follow-up TED to measure if improvements have been made
  • Team leaders can get results as soon as their team have shared their views. No waiting for data to be crunched.

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